Addressing the ethical challenges of artificial intelligence

DDB Paris | Unesco

Unexpected: When we “accept cookies”, what do we really accept? 

What are the consequences? How much of our personal data is being collected and exploited? On the internet, you are what you watch. Every major platform feeds on you. Your data has become the most valuable resource on earth. Privacy is in danger and when UNESCO asked DDB Paris to find a solution to raise awareness. Introducing The Cookie Factory. 
A Chrome extension which crawls the web on the user’s behalf in order to organically replace their cookies with those of a fictive profile. The goal is to permit users to become anyone, to fool the system, and to show every internet user the impact of their data’s collection in a playful way. 

The experience is based on your IP address and real time data, making each experience unique wherever you are in the world.

Works: The Cookie Factory effectively roasted the web economy showing just how easy it is to fool the algorithms.

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