An optical illusion taking aim at Pepsi competitors

AlmaDDB | Pepsi

Unexpected: For years, Pepsi has been grounded in unapologetic enjoyment, and for many more years, consumers have unapologetically enjoyed food. That’s why Pepsi and food unapologetically go together, better than anything else. But for 30+ years and still today, burger chains in the U.S only serve Coca-Cola to pair with their burgers.

When Pepsi commissioned third-party blind taste tests to discover how burgers from the top three chains paired with different beverages, the results were clear: participants preferred Pepsi over Coke. This inspired #BetterWithPepsi, a proactive campaign idea from Alma DDB, using wrappers from the top burger chains in the US, consumers could see to show that while Pepsi might not be on the menu, it’s always in the picture.

Spreading instantly on social media and around the globe, it generated many memes and empowered people to take control of enjoying their burgers to the fullest.

Works: The campaign has been widely hailed as Pepsi’s best brand work in recent history, with 3.4 billion impressions.

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