The little things that make us feel equal

Unexpected: India faces several challenges on the diversity, inclusivity, and social exclusion front, of which one of the biggest is that of disability. It is close to 27 million people – more than the population of Australia.

For a brand that has always prided itself in providing access to people across different genders, races and backgrounds, how could McDonald’s cater to those with disabilities? How could they get to experience and enjoy McDonald’s burgers? While we had ramps and separate washrooms, we hadn’t focused much on the eating experience itself. Something as simple as biting into a burger with two hands is something we take for granted until we realise it’s a privilege that everyone doesn’t have.

Works: EatQual was a ground-breaking campaign for McDonald’s in India and after the success of the first year with its innovative packaging, in Year 2 we got people to not only take notice of the problem we were trying to solve, but also help in driving a perception change for persons with disabilities. EatQual captured the country’s attention, and over the last 18 months, it garnered tremendous views, shares, improved brand trust scores (by 33%), gave 9X ROI and not forgetting – the love and praise from the fans and the disabled community.

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