Data Tienda: We are retrieving credit histories to change life stories

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Unexpected: Millions of low-income women in Mexico are unable to become entrepreneurs because they do not have access to bank credit. According to the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (National Banking and Securities Commission), 83% of them don’t have a “credit history” so their loan applications are rejected.

Paradoxically, they are women who have received loans from neighborhood stores all their lives, so, they have a long credit history.

Datatienda.mx collects this information from the neighborhood businesses and uses it to create a credit history that secures them with the banks and allows them to obtain microcredits, financial inclusion, and economic autonomy.

• Financial inclusion of over 83% of Mexican women.
•Rebuild the credit histories of more than 35 million low-income women.
•Increase the visibility of gender equality in Mexico.
•Strive for economic autonomy and empowerment for thousands of women in one of the 20 countries that are among the worst countries for women according to the UN (United Nations).
•Support the task of bankarization of the financial sector and government.

Data Tienda

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