Test drive Samsung, on your iPhone

DDB Aotearoa | Samsung

Unexpected: The Apple ecosystem is hard for other brands enter… and even harder for users to leave. One of the biggest barriers to getting people to even consider switching to Samsung is that they’re worried they won’t know how to use the Android operating system. They fear it’s too difficult and too different from what they’re used to.

So, we hijacked our biggest rival’s devices and let people test drive a Samsung from the comfort of their own iPhone.

And it’s not just an emulation. Every part of the experience is design to entertain and guide iPhone users. But the guidance is all naturally built into the usual content of the phone. Text messages from fictional friends give you recommendations of what to check out, the camera app is an interactive tutorial, you can change themes and there’s even a fully functional game – all created in the cheeky tone of the experience. And the app store can’t block it… because, hey, it’s just a website.

Works: Over 12 million iPhone users have test-driven a Samsung through the experience so far. And millions more have seen the experience through thousands of user-generated demos being posted by tech-bloggers and influencers. Samsung has now created different versions for other markets including Nordic, US, UK, Europe, India and Australia. NZ- where the campaign originated has seen iPhone to Samsung switching rates increase by 10% Oh, and one more thing… Samsung has retaken the top spot for phone shipments in 2021.

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